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  •  joanstewart1: 
    St Lucia South Africa has one of the largest Estuary’s in Africa, its total length is approximately 85km South to North and 22km wide at its widest point. Looking inland here it is flat, "straight horizon" @FHStralow, with water below home to more than 800 Hippo’s that lounge about on the banks of the estuary and the estimated 1200 Nile crocodiles not to mention the abundance of birdlife and other animals.
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  •  FHStralow: 
    I am pretty sure this is South Africa, but what exactly are we looking at Ms. Joan? @JoanStewart1 Hey it tells me "View across Estuary" when I roll over photo! How far across do you think that is to the other side of the water? I still find myself noticing the straight horizon in photos.
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02.04.2017 (86 days ago)
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