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  •  FHStralow: 
    This is an awesome view. It sure looks crowded, much too crowded for me. I like my space, but who wouldn't want to visit Paris? As long as I could return home to my little bit of space and didn't have to fly I would visit. No, I am not afraid of flying in case you are wondering. I just don't feel any safer today with all the security than I did before 9/11 and I think the TSA is a joke. I also don't like what the airlines have done with the way passengers are treated. Charging for baggage, meals, headsets and cramming more people on each flight by making the seats smaller and everything else. Flying used to be fun, but they have managed to take all the fun out of it. It is very stressful to me and then throw in Customs and passports, NO Thanks!
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13.05.2017 (95 days ago)
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