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The Crowdify Club Multi-level Marketing Daily

The Crowdify Club Multi-level Marketing Daily

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The Crowdify Club Multi-level Marketing Daily  This is a FREE daily e-newspaper by  Here is what is according to their website:

" is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.

We believe that people (and not machines) are the ones qualified to curate the content that matters most. We also think that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in. We’re here to help!

Every day, around the world, millions of articles are featured on Paper.lis, benefiting millions of readers. We are just at the beginning of an exciting new adventure and we think we’re on to something good.

We love the semantic web, we respect our content creators, we strive for simplicity, and we thrive on feedback.

Read our blog, follow us on Twitter: @Paper_li, talk to us"

"Our community is one of our greatest resources! We'd love to have you as a featured guest author on our blog. If you have Social Media, Marketing or tips you'd like to share, fill out this simple form with your ideas and we'll be in touch!" Blog

" was co-founded in 2010 by Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols. Today the team is as diverse and interesting as the papers on our newsstand, represents 10 nationalities.

We are convinced that everyone has something to share, and so they should! We are passionate about disruptive technology, the semantic web and the democratization of content. And we like to play as hard as we work. Sound interesting? Then join us…" 

There are several reasons I like this content curation service.  It is true that there is a massive amount of content in the world.  Like and Superior Coin, they "are just at the beginning of an exciting new adventure and they think they’re on to something good." They both respect their content creators, strive for simplicity and they thrive on feedback. One difference is being a member of Crowdify Club you can get paid for your content, providing feedback, ideas and well there are about 20 or more ways to profit which you can find more on the website.


It really is amazing how much and Crowdify Club are alike.  They both believe their communities and the individuals that make up their communities are important.  They both are very diverse and made up of people from every continent.  One of the other reasons I want to share is it is another place to share your Blog, it is a place for marketers to market and many other options. does let you upgrade which for $9/month they offer a lot and you have more control of the content your paper publishes.  I wonder if would be interested in accepting Superior Coin? 


Thanks for reading and checking out my free paper and I encourage everyone to submit their blogs and make up your own free and if you like what they have to offer think about upgrading.


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This is #Stradog aka @FHStralow in Gun Barrel City, Texas

We are based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) – Innovation Center (Lausanne, Switzerland).

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