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Alright, #TEAMCrowdify it is time to start the final countdown and I found this on Bittrex and I am sure most everyone is aware of what is required to get Superior Coin listed and traded on Bittrex?  Well I wasn't and I wanted to share the requirements to
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The Crowdify Club Multi-level Marketing Daily FHStralow • Apr 25, 2017 • Category: Social Media and Marketing | Business and Finance | Online Tools The Crowdify Club Multi-level Marketing Daily  This is a FREE daily e-newspaper by Pa
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Be creative in a future workshop The future workshop is a useful method to involve users in your designprocess. As I written in some of my blog posts: to design a great User Experience you need to involve the users. You have to involve users from the sta
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We all experience things differently Have you thought about what an experience is? And that we have different experiences because we are all unique? If you hold that thought and think about the meaning of User Experience design -is it even possible to des
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