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"We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community."

Dorothy Day

kerlund_k: I have been looking around and have some questions and suggestions.
kerlund_k: I think it's great that I get a feedback when login is finished!
kerlund_k: First about photos: looks very good at the timeline, easy to like and comment. Might be able to share here as well?
kerlund_k: When I click on a photo: I get little confused that the icons below change and it's vote instead of the thumb up. I understand the actions box and think it's good when it's my photos and I like to edit and so on, but the fave, share and other might not be needed there? I think that fewer choices makes it easier for people.
kerlund_k: I saw a small issue, when clicking "points to memlevel" and "Refferal/affiliate", the profile and searchbox are placed above each other.
kerlund_k: I really lika the map on the profile and the whole profile page, nice:-)
kerlund_k: Only thing: how to I add an avatar pic? Could not find out.
kerlund_k: I mean another than the cover pic:-)
kerlund_k: Where will we find the bank? Is that going to be separated from the crowdifyclub or under some of the menues?
kerlund_k: Is it possible to add tags when adding a photo? I can see it's possible if I chose edit on a photo I already posted.
joanstewart1: Testing from SA, sorry for delay. Trying different areas and will let you know
kerlund_k: Hi! I have been looking around some more and on my account page, the box for : AFFILIATE\REFERRALS INFORMATION is to small, the whole link is not visible.
kerlund_k: When I click on blogs and then the small book icon up to the right (my blogs) I get a page with no blog post. I have posted one blog post, maybe som link missing?
kerlund_k: When adding a photo to my album it shows up as my gravatar. What am I doing wrong?
kerlund_k: Aha, I see. I had to create a new album...
kerlund_k: I think that if it is possible it's easier to just click on the avatar photo and edit. It takes a while (at least for me) to understand how the albums works, thank you:-)
Visitor: Overall it's a good start and I like the integrated social feel
seomommasays: Is this now where we should post new blogs? Or keep them on original site?
joanstewart1: Site still being tested by what I understand @seomommasays
FHStralow: Hey everyone! I would say to post blogs and tasks on both sites. Although I don't think that the coins and points have not moved over or are we supposed to move our own stuff over?
FHStralow: It is hard to believe no one has posted anything here for 5 days now.
kerlund_k: I agree, posted now and have made some comments and so on:) Guess people are not sure if they can use this site yet.
kerlund_k: I noticed right now that I can't find out how to change the name on a photo album. Is it possible?
Visitor: Yes we are still here working on other task but have taken note of all the comments still just testing this site.
Visitor: We are moving to Taiwan to hire more coders to finish everything
kerlund_k: Sounds great! When will this site be the official Crowdifyclub site?
joanstewart1: If you click on the album name in blue, you land page where you click top right 'main' drop down to edit, add, organize etc @kerlund_k hope this helps
joanstewart1: By clicking directly on a photo you will open the pic to have more options for that pic on the right side of the page
kerlund_k: Thanks @joanstewart1 worked fine!
kerlund_k: Hi! A question: when is this page going to be officaly the "new" Crowdifyclub page?
joanstewart1: If I remember correctly Michael said 1st June
kerlund_k: Great that is soon:-) So excited to get going!
joanstewart1: @kerlund_k I believe the Superior Coin will launch first on 1st July and then the site will launch shortly thereafter during July sometime
FHStralow: Wow another new launch date. How many launch dates have you seen come and go Ms. Joan? I am trying to remain optimistic and positive, but it is becoming difficult. I am going to continue to have faith that this project will happen and that it will be worth the wait.
joanstewart1: Photo's are not uploading 😓
joanstewart1: @FHStralow good things happen to those who are patient. There is a lot happening at the moment.
kerlund_k: @FHStralow work on this new site is happening and planned soon. My guess is that Superior Coin takes a lot of time. We will see a launch, even if it's delayed.
FHStralow: I appreciate both of you ladies! I am not rushing this, but I do worry about how it looks when we set a deadline and we miss it over and over again. That makes it tough to sell and promote. Don't get me wrong I am not being negative and I still have faith in what we are doing and it will be worth the wait. I have only been it in 6 months which is not very long. I am remaining positive and I am going to stay the course.
kerlund_k: Just saw that I need to change the name on one of my albums, but I can't find out how? That might be a good future to add if it's not already there!
FHStralow: Hey Ms. Linda, did you make a request for help? I don't want to ask the question if you already have?
kerlund_k: I did not, because this site is not yet up and running. I put what I find here and save all things I find so we can help improve before official move to this site.